Welcome to our blog, we hope to share our passion for raising healthy, happy, Paleo babies. With a focus on gut health and nourishing real foods for our babies to thrive on.


We are a family of 6, Hubby and I, with 4 kids aged 19, 14, 10 and our newest addition our 10 month old. 7 years ago our now 10 year old son was displaying significant behavioural issues. After psychology and pediatrician appointments, at the request of his day care, coming back with no answers, he was ultimately asked to leave and we no longer had a day care position. As parents we were heartbroken and lost as to what to do.

A seemingly unimportant comment made by a family member regarding food being linked to behaviour issues, led me on a path to Paleo. I came across a book called Primal Body Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas, what a fabulous book! It opened up my eyes to how food can affect you not only physically but mentally as well. It also made me question they types of “food” we were filling our kids bellies with! We decided to give Paleo a try and see if we noticed any improvement in our sons behaviour. To say we noticed a difference would be an understatement! He was a new little boy! It was like someone waved a magic wand. I was sold, we were now Paleo. He soon settled in to a new pre school and life began to take on some normality again.

Well fast forward 6 years… Over the years Hubby and the older two girls didn’t remain 100% Paleo, on the odd occasion Hubby would offer our son non Paleo foods, sometimes our son would tolerate them other times we would see a spike in challenging behaviours. In February of 2015 we were noticing a significant lengthy spike in our sons behaviour and Hubby had slipped back to almost 90% non Paleo. So an intervention was in order! We decided to complete a Whole30 challenge (check out whole30 here). We managed to complete it with 100% compliance and all came out feeling refreshed and recharged, our son included. Well one month after we completed the whole30 we discovered I was 4 weeks pregnant with baby number 4! We completely attribute the fact we were able to get pregnant with our much wanted 4th baby to completing a whole30. With freshly detoxed bodies we created the perfect environment for conception. We call him our whole30 baby.


I knew right from the start that this bubba was going to be raised Paleo, with only real food passing his lips. I knew there was no way I wanted this baby or us to go through the difficulties we had with our older son. After an amazing natural pregnancy and birth our beautiful baby boy got sick at only two weeks of age requiring a dose of antibiotics. I was heartbroken for his little tummy. This ignited my passion for gut health. I got him on probiotics and new that I was going to be including fermented/cultured foods in his diet as some of his first foods when he started solids. Which is exactly what I did and still do now 10 months on. His food, nourishing his little body and balancing his gut microbiome has become a passion of mine. I insure that over the course of the day he has consumed good brain nourishing fats, cultured/fermented gut nourishing foods and delicious healing bone broth incorporating organic vegetables/fruit, grass fed/finished free rage meats and pasture raised egg yolk. I have created some delicious recipes for babies along the way which I hope to share with you.

As I write this we are currently on day 26 of our second Whole30 with the hopes of conceiving baby number 5 in the near future.