Sustainably made, home grown, home made, toxin free, all natural Soapwort Shampoo

Sustainably made, home grown, home made, toxin free, all natural shampoo. Sounds like a bunch of hard work doesn’t it!

 It’s actually not and I was surprised how quick and easy it was to make. 
We have all heard of soap berries right? I use them for lots of different cleaning items around my home. 

I’m very passionate about self sufficiency so I started researching growing my own soap berries. It turns out they are very hard to grow in Australia due to our climate. However during my research I came across another plant called soapwort (Saponaria officinalis). Buy here

This marvelous plant contains saponins, and a liquid soap can be produced by soaking the leaves and/or the whole plant, roots and all, in water. This liquid soap is still used today to clean delicate antique tapestries due to its ability to give a very gentle clean. Soapwort, when in flower, actually contains 5% more saponin (the part that makes soap) than soap berries do. It easily grows in our Australian climate and is very handy to have growing in your garden, when you’ve been digging around in your veggie patch you can simply pick a few leaves and rub them between your hands under the hose to wash your hands. 

Once I discovered that it was possible to grow your own organic, natural soap I was eager to get started and give it a try. Luckily I am part of a crop swap group, which enables us to swap things we grow or make from our own home grown produce with each other. I put a post up to see if anyone grew soapwort and luckily a local lady did 😁

I traded her some of my home made pickled olives for a grosery bag full of soapwort, leaves, stems roots and all! I planted some of the rooted sections and now have 3 soapwort plants growing. I dried everything else and ended up with a 1L mason jar full. 

(If you grow your own produce or even have a fruit tree that you always have to much to consume yourself, consider joining your local crop swap group or even start your own. It’s a fantastic way to reduce your grocery bill, learn gardening tips and obtain produce you can’t or don’t grow yourself.)

To make liquid soap from dried soapwort you simply add 1tbs of dried soapwort to one cup of filtered water. Bring the water to a boil, add soapwort, simmer for 15min. Remove from the heat. At this point you can add other herbs of choice depending on what you are using the soap for. I made shampoo for my blond 1.5 year old, so I added camomile flowers and lemongrass, as it’s supposedly good for blonds and lemon balm for a nice fragrance.

I washed his hair that night, it doesn’t lather up like a store bought shampoo, as it doesn’t contain the chemicals that make soap lather (and little else) but it gives a luxuries clean without it. His hair came up silky soft with his bouncy curly locks. 

I don’t actually wash Nikolas’ hair often, maybe once a month, followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse, but I will be washing his hair with this homemade, home grown shampoo when I do. 

I will be using this liquid soap for clothes washing and house cleaning products, meaning I no longer need to purchase soap berries and I can sustainabily grow our cleaning products in my own backyard. Winning 😁 

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