Product Review: Pea Pods Reusable Nappies 

In an effort to go reusable in order to reduce our household waste and environmental impact we are making the switch to reusable nappies.

There are quite a few on the international market. I personally like to shop local and support Australian businesses so I looked around and found an Aussie company called Pea Pods. Their products looked great and given they have won numerous awards I figured they are worth trying!

As those of you who follow our Facebook page would know, we have been road testing Pea Pods Reusable Nappies all this week. 

If you have never seen Pea Pods products before, this is Pea Pods overview of their products on their website…

Pea Pods Reusable Nappies are the smart choice when it comes to choosing what’s best for you, your baby and the environment.

Not only can Pea Pods save you around $1,000 per year compared to disposable nappies, but choosing to use modern cloth nappies can also help save the environment from being filled with unnecessary waste.

And, choosing Pea Pods will mean you don’t compromise on two other important factors when it comes to keeping your baby dry – convenience and performance. Here’s why…

Ultra absorbent – bamboo insert

Waterproof, breathable outer layer

Soft microfleece lining

Trim fit

Simple to use

Easy to wash

We have been using them for a whole week now and I’m very impressed. In fact I am converted. I love them and we will be continuing to use them.

We have had no leaks at all, even over night with the use of the extra night time booster liner. Nikolas had a little dampness around the leg one morning when he had a very wet nappy but that was also due to not tightening the leg strap enough.  I tightened all the leg straps to medium and he didn’t have any dampness in the morning again, and not a single leak ever.

I particularly like the bamboo liner that you can add to the nappy. This is a big help when it comes to poo nappies. You simply just gather up the bamboo liner with the poo contained inside and dispose. Leaving the absorbent cloth liner clean from poo. 

The cloth absorbent liner stays in place with two press studs on one end, I bought extra cloth liners which makes it great to simply change the cloth liner and not the whole nappy if the nappy is not wet.

Someone on our Facebook page mentioned that the detergent and/or strength of detergent you use to wash your nappies can affect the absorbency of the cloth liners. I have been washing them with natural soap nuts, a bit of bicarb soda and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. This washing method has not had any negative impact on the liners absorbency. 

Another person on our Facebook page mentioned that the more you wash the absorbent liners the more absorbent they become. I have found this to be true, they do seem to become more absorbent with regular use and washing. 

Changing nappies is as quick and simple as it is to change a disposable nappy. The only difference is instead of throwing the nappy in the bin, you pop it in a wet bag for later washing. I bought their big wet bag for Home. It simply hangs on the door handle and you pop your used nappies in it and zip it up. The zipper is conveniently placed at the handle end of the bag making it an easy one handed job to pop the nappy in, perfect if you have bubs in one arm and nappy in the other. No smell comes from the bag at all. I have gotten in the routine of washing nappies every morning, so I have a days worth of nappies in the wet bag through the day and overnight and there is zero smell. 

The pack I bought came with a travel wet bag for when your out and about and every nappy comes in its own individual matching wet bag as well. 

You can buy the nappies individually or in packs from their website. I bought their starter pack

This pack has suited me fine for full time use with washing every day. However they do have a full time use pack which would be good if you didn’t want to wash every day.

They also have a trial pack for those who want to try before they buy.

Each nappy comes packaged with its own absorbent cloth liner and wet bag. Their range of designs are super cute and fashionable! In warm weather I would simply pair them up with a t-shirt or singlet for a cute little outfit. If you buy the bulk packs you still get to choose the design you want for each nappy in the pack. AND there are loads to choose from!

They are slightly bulkier than a disposable nappy but fit fine with all Nikolas’ clothing and Nikolas has not seemed bothered by the slight size difference either. If we were attending a formal occasion and Nikolas needed to wear a pair of tailored pants I think I would put him in a disposable nappy but other than that the nappies are fine with regular clothing.

In summary my top tips are-

  • The more you wash the more absorbent they are
  • I recommend buying the extra night time boosters for overnight use
  • I highly recommend the extra bamboo liner for making changing poo nappies a breeze I use it at every nappy change
  • The big wet bag for home use is very convenient and worth the purchase
  • Extra absorbent cloth liners are handy for quick changes when the outer nappy is still dry
  • When folding the fresh clean nappies I assemble the cloth liner and bamboo liner to make nappy change a quick process 

It may seem like a big up front outlay of money to get set up for full time use, but when you add up how much you spend on disposable nappies over the time your bubs is in nappies you quickly realize that it’s a huge cost saving investment. Especially if you plan to have more babies! 

The washing everyday has not felt like a chore to me at all, in fact I have found it rather satisfying knowing we are reusing something that I would normally throw away and buy more of. And like someone on our Facebook page said, folding and stacking the cute little nappies is rather enjoyable 😊

I hope you have found my review of Pea Pods Nappies useful. If you were on the fence about using reusable nappies I can safely say that making the switch has worked out great for us with this particular brand. 

Love Kirsty & Nikolas ❤️


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