Out and About with a Paleo Toddler

A challenge many of us can face when out and about with our Paleo little ones is sourcing suitable food we are willing to feed them. Whether we are visiting friends/family, at a function, or simply out shopping for the day, it can be hard to find appropriate food on the go. 

So I thought I would share with you how I tackle this challenge with a little bit of planning and preparation. In fact once it becomes part of your routine there isn’t much planning and prep involved at all and it can even save you time throughout your day/evening.

Firstly, I envested in this awesome toxin free stainless steel lunch box from Planet Box, there are loads of other brands and styles on the market also. I also purchased this super cute BPA free thermal flask for hot foods/broth. And lastly I purchased these amazing toxin free insulated, stainless steel drink bottles from Pura (which I LOVE!). They are great for keeping cold drinks cold or nourishing broth warm. 

I have found that if I prep the lunch box every evening after dinner with dinner leftovers or items I have specifically purchased in my weekly shopping for lunch box prepping, I am ready for any spur of the moment outing. If we don’t go out then I am simply organised for the day at home and Nikolas feasts on his yummy food from his lunch box throughout the day. 

If I know we will be out all day and evening then I pack all his cold food and snacks in his planet box lunch pack, all his hot food in his thermos, warm broth in one insulated drink bottle and water in the other. This way I know he will be well fed and nourished and there will be no hunting down suitable food or resorting to non paleo food when left with very few options. 

Nikolas’ favourite foods at the moment are smoked salmon, paleo sausages, paleo mini meatballs, boiled eggs, grapes, wild olives, berries, chia pudding, coconut yogurt, chicken liver pate and veggie sticks and his all time favourite, nourishing chicken bone broth. All of which are great for prepping and packing.

If you are time poor and are after a great Paleo sausage, meatball or rissole that you can simply buy and cook then check out the Cleavers Organic Paleo Range available at some coles and woolworths stores. Nikolas loves them! Not all of the Cleavers range is paleo so be sure to look for the Paleo sticker on the pack and read the ingredients list to be sure. 

Woolworths also sells chia pods in the fridge section which is Paleo friendly. 

I also recently found this rather yummy paleo friendly coconut yogurt at woolworths made by cocobella. Strangely their big tubs contain cornflour so avoid them, but their little tubs contain tapioca flour, agar agar (paleo friendly) and pectin (also paleo friendly). But be sure to read the labels of the one you are buying.

With a little bit of planning and prepping feeding our little ones nourishing food while out and about or at home is simple and easy and far less hassle then lining up to order fast food or takeaway. 

If you adopt this method of food on the go for your little paleo bubba please feel free to share your lunch box recipes and inspiration on our Facebook page or in the comments of our blog xxx


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  1. Great ideas! I need to get my four year old a flask – he loves stews and hot “meal” type foods.


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