Importance of Marrow for Babies: Plus a Super Simple Recipe

Bone marrow, like liver, is not something parents in western cultures tend to think of when we are deciding on first foods to feed babies. However in many cultures around the world it is, particularly in hunter gatherer societies.

Hunter gatherer tribes who consumed large animals did not ignore the marrow hidden away in the bones; in fact, they valued the marrow as an extremely nutritious food for adults, children and babies. Often reserving it for pregnant woman, woman planning to conceive and babies.

In one study by Weston A Price he found Indians living inside the Rocky Mountain Range in the far North of Canada put great emphasis upon the eating of the organs of the animals they hunt. Much of the muscle meat of the animals are fed to the dogs. Skeletons are rarely found where large game animals have been slaughtered by the Indians of the North. The skeletal remains are found as piles of finely broken bone chips or splinters that have been cracked open to obtain as much as possible of the marrow and nutritive qualities of the bones. These Indians obtain their fat-soluble vitamins and also most of their minerals from the organs of the animals. An important part of the nutrition of the children consisted on various preparations of bone marrow, both as a substitute for milk and as a special dietary ration” (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, 6th Edition, page 260).

Bone marrow is made up of 96% fat, is rich in minerals and extremely high in “fat-soluble activators” essential for a developing central nervous system. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and iodine. It’s very easy to digest and promotes a healthy immune system. 

Not only is this creamy, delicious easily digested, nutritional power house the perfect food for baby, but it’s so quick and simple to prepare.

Ask you grass fed free range butcher to cut you a beef marrow bone, 15cm long, and then cut lengthways to access the marrow. 

To simply enjoy the marrow as is, place the marrow bones, marrow side up, on a roasting tray, drizzle with a little coconut oil and roast on 170• for 10min. Eat or feed to baby strait from the bone or add to bone broth or any meat and vegetables you like.

Or follow our recipe bellow for yummy Marrow Mash for babies 6 months +

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