Homemade Baby Food: Quicker Than Buying Store Bought!

So often I hear parents say they don’t have time to make homemade baby food. Trust me, I get that us parents are short on time! But making homemade baby food doesn’t need to be time consuming. If you have the time browse through the baby food isl at your local shop and choose from all the different and often high sugar, nutrient void baby “foods” on offer. Then prepare and heat it up at home. Then you have time to make your own nutrient dense real food for baby. 

Here is a few of my time saving tips that I use at home-

  • Always keep half cup portions of bone broth in the freezer in glass jars at all times.
  • When cooking your family dinner, cook an extra portion of your protein component for bubs. For example, if your having steak for dinner, cook an extra piece. 
  • When chopping up your vegetable component for your family dinner, chop up extra for bubs and either cook with the family veggies or steam seperatly. Steam veg is so quick and easy.

Then all that needs doing is pop your glass jar of broth in warm water (not hot or the glass may crack), let it sit until defrosted enough to release from the jar. Scoop the frozen broth out into a small pot, bring to the boil gently on med heat. 

Add your protein and vegetables to the blender and blitz, add broth in small amounts and continue to blitz until you have reached the desired consistency. 

Portion out into glass storage jars. (We sell these great size baby food storage jars in our online store) then freeze. To defrost the baby food simply follow the same steps above for defrosting and heating the bone broth. 

Now you have a batch of nutrient dense baby food, that took hardly any extra time out of your day, at the ready, for use when needed and peace of mind that you know exactly what’s in it.

Looking for some great baby food recipe inspiration? Take a look at some of our yummy recipes HERE. For some information and inspiration on what foods to include in bubs daily meals for optimum nutrition, take a look at our post HERE 


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