No grains or wheat for me!

Foods we feed our little ones should be nutrient dense, support a healthy immune system and gut right from the start. Often we are advised by health care professionals and family members to start our littles ones off on rice cereal as a first solid. In my opinion AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!

Grains/Wheat is one thing that I am adamant about little ones not consuming. Some people don’t understand this and are of the belief that babies should be exposed to grains/wheat in order to not be intolerant when their older or that it is a “food group” that babies need. I don’t agree.

The small intestine of a baby mostly produces only one carbohydrate enzyme, lactase, for the digestion of lactose in milk. It produces little to no amylase, the enzyme needed to break down grain. Babies do not produce enough amylase enzyme to break down any form of grain until their molar teeth are fully developed. Which is usually around the age of two, and even then it is very difficult to digest grains, even in adults.

Babies fed grains before their tummies have any hope of digesting them will have the grains sitting around in their bellies for long periods of time, essentially rotting their tummy lining. The undigested grains make babies feel full for longer and makes them sleep long periods of time, which is why some miss guided health care providers will recommend sleepless mummies introduce rice cereal and the like into a non sleeping babies diet, in order to make them sleep better. But at what cost?? Their bellies are full yes, like a lead brick, but causing a range of health issues like leaky gut and consequently missing out on actual nutritious foods their bodies and brains need whilst the digestive system puts all the bodies energy into digesting the lead brick!

I would rather avoid subjecting my little ones tummy to all of this than worry about him being intolerant to grains/wheat when he is older and there has never been a reported case of a human being grain deficient, there is not one nutrient in grain that you can’t find in fresh vegetables.

My 10 month old has never eaten a grains/wheat in his little life and he is thriving!


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